Author Kyle Perkins


Following the January 2016 release of his debut novel Reddened Wasteland, Kyle Perkins dove headfirst into the world of indie publishing. A master of blending genres and bringing complex ideas to an everyday level, his work promises to entertain and stimulate the mind. He does not believe in confining his creativity to one category – his books span a variety of genres, from dystopian to horror to scifi to romance to occult, and he has no plans to stop there. In books and on social media, Kyle unabashedly tackles controversial subjects in the thoughtful and humorous kind of way that he has become known for. To him, censoring his genuine self is far more horrifying than any alternative. His upcoming endeavors include: Several new releases, including the highly-anticipated second book in the Reddened Wasteland trilogy; planning and promoting the Tampa Indie Author Book Convention that is taking place in July of 2017; assisting with The Indie Book Channel on YouTube; and, of course, connecting with his audience as much as possible through social media.

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