Indie Book Network!

Okay, we finally found our new home! If you signed up for the last network I did, make sure you sign up for the new one. We switched servers and now have our own home. Join us HERE. We now […]

Authors, you have a responsibility.

By Kyle Perkins. As an author, even an indie author, you have a ton of influence in this world, whether you deserve it or not. Everyone deserves a shot at a decent life and to follow their dreams, but not […]

Updates to The Indie Book Network

By Kyle Perkins. Okay, within the next couple of days, there should be massive updates to the site. Right now, it has plenty of functionality, but I plan to add a lot more. We have 150 members in just two […]

The Indie Book Network

So, this is probably a silly question seeing as a community of authors is usually broke, but… If I want this new network to grow, I’ll need a lot of space. Meaning I will need to eventually host this outside […]

Who am I kidding?

By Kyle Perkins. Obviously, I can’t compete with Facebook, or even Myspace for that matter. Though, I have set up a social media of sorts. A place where people can come hang out without worrying about being censored like on […]

First Taste of Sanguine Malum – Author Lila Vale

First off, apologies for the corny blog title. I just had to do it. Some of you already know a little about my current project already, so this might be redundant! For a while now, I’ve been … Source: First Taste […]