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Okay, we finally found our new home! If you signed up for the last network I did, make sure you sign up for the new one. We switched servers and now have our own home. Join us HERE. We now have mobile apps, as well as a TON of new […]

By Kyle Perkins. As an author, even an indie author, you have a ton of influence in this world, whether you deserve it or not. Everyone deserves a shot at a decent life and to follow their dreams, but not if it imposes on specific groups of people and the […]

By Kyle Perkins. Okay, within the next couple of days, there should be massive updates to the site. Right now, it has plenty of functionality, but I plan to add a lot more. We have 150 members in just two days since I started it, and I plan to just […]

So, this is probably a silly question seeing as a community of authors is usually broke, but… If I want this new network to grow, I’ll need a lot of space. Meaning I will need to eventually host this outside of my author website, in its own domain, on another […]

Issue with the title? Don’t worry, you’ll be alright. For a good long while, authors felt done in by the likes of FaceBook. Sure, there are workarounds for all the hassles, which just s… Source: Blog: You won’t believe what he done! – Author Cafe

By Kyle Perkins. So, if you thought my forum and self hosted website was a big fuck you to Facebook, just wait. I have actually made a new social media platform. Think Goodreads/Facebook without censorship. It’s a place for authors and readers to come and hang out, show their work, […]

First off, apologies for the corny blog title. I just had to do it. Some of you already know a little about my current project already, so this might be redundant! For a while now, I’ve been … Source: First Taste of Sanguine Malum – Author Lila Vale

By Kyle Perkins   I just swapped over from to a self hosted and the difference is like night and day. So much freedom! Anyway, if you were a follower on my site before, please subscribe again! =) Oh, and check out the new features!

by Kyle Perkins. Because even though I am thirty years old, I am still basically a child. This proves it. This is a smutty short story about a wereslug. Yep, you read that right. Enjoy! Click here to download Slugstruck. I apologize in advance. My fans made me do it. […]