Author Kyle Perkins

This week’s SpecFic writing prompt winner is S.J. Wolford!!!   The prompt this week was: A world famous magician randomly selects someone from the audience to assist in an illusion. Little does the magician know, the volunteer is capable of real magic.   This was her entry: “They say he’s […]

By Kim Carmichael     Seriously, there is no better way to talk about rejection than starting with the fact that at its very core it sucks.  It bites the big one.  Rejection can go f itself. Many, many writers write about rejection.  It’s a universal truth for authors sort […]

By Kyle Perkins   This week’s winner is Jennifer Long! If you would like to join in the fun or possibly be featured on this blog, just click the blue text here.   The prompt was: “You just found out that your significant other is not only a shapeshifter, but […]