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WRITING PROMPT – Week 6 The door to the massive spaceship slides open to reveal a T-Rex in a silver jumper and sunglasses. As stunned people look on in silence, the massive creature lowers his shades and bellows, “Yo, where’d everybody go?” WINNER!!! By Angela Lovelace Jerry stared at his […]

by Kyle Perkins.     As most of you now know, the other day I wrote an article that somewhat went viral. These are eight things I learned during that experience.   1. You’ll lose friends. No, this is not a joke. If you have an opinion on the internet […]

by Kyle Perkins.     So, the other day I made a blog post about something that was bothering me in the indie book community… I expected that post to maybe reach a couple hundred people in my network that were being manipulated by shady authors. Little did I know […]

By Kyle Perkins     So, this will be a new weekly feature on this blog every Sunday! I have grown bored of seeing the same questions being asked to authors in blog interviews and wanted to mix it up a bit. You know, the whole “So when is your […]

By Kyle Perkins.   First off, let me start by saying that using a pen name is ABSOLUTELY OKAY AND SOMETIMES NEEDED! There is nothing wrong with using a pen name. With that out of the way, let me explain something that really bothers me about the indie community. My […]

Week 5 Writing Prompt – When you were little, you could swear there was a monster under your bed, but no one believed you. On the eve of your 30th birthday, you hear noises coming from under your bed once again. The monster is back and has an important message […]

By Kyle Perkins.   Okay, well, where to begin? To understand what I am about to say, you’ll need to understand torrenting. I will explain this in the most basic way possible so that anyone can understand.Alright, all set? Good. Just kidding. Okay, so say you have a movie, and […]

By Kyle Perkins.   I was thinking to myself today, “why do we need sleep?” Which led me down a rabbit hole. Think about this. You go a day without sleep, you feel groggy, worn out, but what happens after that? Day two, you lines become blurry, the universe around […]

So, we are a month in and the stories just keep getting better. Shout out to Nick Oefinger for the awesome prompt! Week 4 Writing Prompt – Day 2 of the first manned mission to Mars, and one of the 7-man crew is found brutally murdered. Two more are found […]