Think you are ready to be a PA? Think again!

By Virginia Johnson and Julia Clare   A couple of months ago, I wrote an article about the things I have learned being a PA. I have, on many occasions, needed to use the link to address questions rendered from […]

First Writing Prompt Winner!

Over at Speculative Fiction Emporium we have just finished our very first ever “Writing Prompt Challenge” where we find a writing prompt online, usually Reddit, and set a word count limit, challenging authors and writers to step out of their […]

Being a Woman in Horror

By Bonny Capps My horror writing journey began a year ago when I was riding along in a bumpy semi, learning to live with very little, and enjoying the vagabond life. My starry eyes were set on the prize – […]

The Mother, the Author, the Romance Legend.

  Before I start my little list of the five ways one successfully (or unsuccessfully) maintains a professional status as both mother and author, I’d like to acknowledge that, for the most part, many of us exist and many of […]