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By Sondi Warner As a ghostwriter for nearly a decade, I’ve worked with major publishing houses, established authors, amateurs and content mills, and along the way I’ve seen the publishing industry from an interesting perspective: The Bottom Up. Here are the 10 Things You Only Learn by Being a Ghostwriter: […]

1. How has roleplaying improved your writing? Thomas: Honestly it helped me a lot. I had strayed away from writing for quite a few years, leaving my first work, a suspense novel, hanging dry with only around 26 chapters done. I hit a block big time, and couldn’t find the […]

by Melissa Robitille I’m a freelance editor. There are two ways of looking at that. I’m taking your precious manuscript and I’m honing and polishing it so that it will be the best it possibly can be. OR… I’m taking your manuscript, your hopes and your dreams and I’m mercilessly […]

By Virginia Johnson I was going to stay anonymous. Then I figured, if you have any brains at all it wouldn’t take you long to piece together who I am… With that, I will continue. Have you ever attended a takeover and wondered, ‘Why isn’t the author I came here […]

1. Facebook doesn’t give the slightest fuck about you. Facebook has the worst customer service of any site I have ever seen in my life. From their automatic responses days after contacting them, to them removing your account without any warning whatsoever, I haven’t seen such shitty customer service since […]

So, I got a little curious about what compels someone to use a pen name. Good thing I had my buddy, Lila Vale, on hand to explain it to me. She decided to give me her reasoning in list form, like any rational person. (I’ll probably end up doing a […]

So, I sat down with a few readers and authors to discover what indie authors are doing right, and what they are doing wrong. I thought a bit of insight into the honest opinions of readers might be helpful to new authors. Especially since most are too polite to say […]